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Most people want a job that will challenge them and maximize their skills and experience, but most people also like stability in a job. How can you know if the field you are interested in offers long term career growth? Each year, the Department of Labor issues its Occupational Outlook Handbook showing the jobs with the best projected growth for the next 10 years.

As you can see, not all the jobs require a college degree, some require technical degrees, and some require a combination of certification, experience, and skill.

Check out the jobs that are projected to grow the fastest for the next 10 years below according to the newly released Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Job Average Salary Projected 10 Year Growth Rate
Wind Turbine Service Technicians $48,800 108%
Occupational Therapy Assistants $56,950 43%
Physical Therapist Assistants $54,410 41%
Physical Therapist Aides $24,650 39%
Home Health Aides $21,380 38%
Commercial Divers $45,890 35%
Nurse Practitioners $95,350 35%
Physical Therapists $82,390 34%
Statisticians $79,990 34%
Ambulance Drivers & Attendants $24,080 33%


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