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  • Tips and Advice

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    Getting your degree is easier than you may think; however, getting started isn’t always so easy. It takes some planning, goal setting, interviewing with schools and figuring out your own needs. The following articles will help you deal with everything from the most basic questions to the most advanced admissions issues. Ask The Right Questions Graduate School Admission Tests Personal Statement Writing Related Articles Editing Checkli... more

  • 3 Common Education Questions


    Question: With so many "Diploma Mills" around, how can I judge the quality of an online education program? Answer: Let's start by saying you can't judge an online school by its campus. Many "Nationally Accredited" colleges and universities offer only distance learning and online programs. This means they don't need a fancy college campus to deliver a quality education. Here are two easy ways to judge an online school and avoid "Diplo... more

  • Study Techniques While Maintaining a Full Time Job

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    Are you a veteran or military member who is furthering your education? Then you're probably wishing there were more hours in a day. While you can't slow down time, there are things you can do to sharpen your study skills, such as increase reading comprehension, reading speed, and computer knowledge. By strengthening these skills, you will get more out of your study time. Taking Notes Class notes are important. Yet many students don't know ho... more

  • Finding Education Pathways to Success

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    Finding the Higher Education Pathways to Success for Military and Veteran Students As the discussion surrounding veterans’ education continues, Americans are looking to institutions of higher education to help make good on our country’s promise of a high-quality education for members of the armed forces. Colleges and universities, in turn, are striving to provide the academic programs and support needed to ensure that our nation’s veterans su... more

  • 2013 CCME Military Education Award Nominations

    The Council of College and Military Educators is pleased to announce a call for nominations for the 2013 CCME military education awards.  According to Joycelyn Groot, CCME President, "We are encouraging everyone in the military education community to nominate individuals and organizations that meet the criteria of the CCME awards.  Traditionally this has been a great opportunity to recognize the very best serving our military's education needs... more

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