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  • servicemembers lined up
    Deployment: An Overview
    Strictly speaking, "deployment" refers to activities required to move military personnel and materials -- but it also means mor...
  • Bill Cabaniss on deployment.
    Top 10 Things You Learn From Deployment|
    Deploying inevitably changes a service member's perspective. Learn the top 10 lessons one Airman learned from deploying overseas.
  • medical exam
    Deployment: Medical Benefits
    As you prepare for deployment, be sure to review your current medical coverage, and decide whether you want to make changes.
  • Kiss
    How To Get Information During Deployment
    Jacey Eckhart
    At some point during the absence of your airman, soldier, Coastie, sailor, or Marine, you will need info. How do you get that?
  • Laura Turner, Dog on Deployment member
    Nonprofit Helps Deploying Servicemembers with Dogs
    Air Force News|
    When a military member receives a deployment checklist, circumstances surrounding pets are not on the list.
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