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Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump. (AP File Photos) |

Here are the stories generating the most comments this week on, along with a sampling of responses edited for clarity:

US Slaps Sanctions on Russia, Expels 35 Diplomats

  • "Putin totally owned Obama when he said he would not reciprocate but would wait until Trump is in office in three weeks before responding. The cost of electing a weak [leader] is that nobody takes our nation seriously anymore. We are out of the Syria peace process now and Russia is grabbing territory. -- 5750855
  • "Closing down the compounds that were used for spying is ridiculous?" -- LDH2O

Trump's Praise of Putin Could Signal a New Day for US Policy

  • "Everyone with common sense knows why Trump is supporting, defending and praising Putin everyday no matter how much clear evidence the U.S. has against him: Money money and more damn money, plain and simple." -- Reginald Hubbert
  • "Or trying to use Russia to hit China. It will be clear soon enough." -- J Y

Trump Says He'll Tell All on Hacking

  • "Wow. I've been reading these comments. What seems to have escaped the 'dialogue' is that every 'leaked/ hacked' e-mail (John Podesta's emails) is TRUE." -- Ron Johnson
  • "What seems to have escaped you is that true, false or a combination of the above, they were stolen. By a foreign power. And given to an alleged international criminal and sexual deviant for publication. The content is immaterial. I'd recalibrate that ethical compass." -- IronV

The Gabby: Navy to Commission USS Gabrielle Giffords

  • "I mean no disrespect for Giffords but I don't think she did anything to rate having a ship, even an LCS, named for her." -- Shipfixr
  • "Where's the USS Leo Ryan? He was a US congressman killed in the line of duty." -- ajmacdonaldjr

Marine Corps Squadron Commander Relieved of Duties

  • "Took command less than a year ago, a highly decorated combat pilot, no misconduct took place, and the general general has him fired two in weeks? Sounds like the problem may be the general … " -- james
  • "Sounds like we just don't know what happened. Too weird. Guy had the right tickets. Strange." -- Projob

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