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News Archives for Sep 2, 2013

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  • syrian civilians
    Assad: Risk of Regional War if West Strikes Syria
    Syria's president warned that the Middle East is a "powder keg" and potential military strikes risk triggering a regional war.
  • 49 Tunisia Prisoners Break out of Jail
    TUNIS, Tunisia - Dozens of Tunisian inmates staged a prison break in a southern coastal town after overpowering guards, a top c...
  • British Colonel Counters Iraqi Corpse Abuse Claims
    British army Col. Adam Griffiths on Monday said claims that British troops abused the bodies of dead Iraqis are "baseless." Gr...
  • Former Nazi Storm Trooper Goes on Trial
    BERLIN - A 92-year-old former member of the Waffen SS goes on trial later Monday in Hagen, Germany for the 1944 murder of a mem...
  • Taliban holding weapons
    Taliban Attack on Base Fails
    Taliban militants tried to attack a U.S. base in eastern Afghanistan, but were thrown back by NATO forces, officials said.