New Navy Slogan Puts Service Before Career

The Navy's latest recruiting slogan is out -- "America's Navy: 'A Global Force for Good'" - along with an ad campaign that uses powerful images and an inspirational narrative to get its message across.

With a backdrop of carriers under way, Navy fighters hurtling through the sky and Sailors aiding the storm-displaced homeless, the video lays out the force and the good. The new campaign replaces the former slogan, "Accelerate Your Life" - bumping career as motivation for enlisting with a message of pure service.

"What we wanted to do was reenergize the Navy's brand and redefine something to succeed 'Accelerate Your Life,' which has been in the marketplace since 2001," Capt. Phil Altizer, director of Marketing and Advertising, Navy Recruiting Command, said in an Oct. 2 press release. The "Accelerate Your Life" campaign was focused on recruiting young people by offering education and experience that would lead to personal success.

The new campaign is more of a call to service, he said.


The Navy enlisted advertising company Campbell Ewald in a $61 million effort to reach out to a new generation of recruits in 2010, a Navy Recruiting Command spokesman told That's a nearly 30 percent reduction in advertising funds from the service's fiscal 2009 budget.

The Navy doesn't have its final recruiting figures for 2010, but the service needed nearly 47,000 Sailors to fill its ranks in 2009, including 35,500 enlisted.

By contrast the Army's recruiting budget dropped by more than 40 percent in fiscal 2010.

"The current trend in society is people wanting to give back to their country," Altizer said. "Young people today want to be part of something bigger than themselves. They believe in devoting themselves to a greater good."

"We are people who make a difference for good," he said in the release. "What better organization is there to join to make a difference and serve the country than America's Navy?"

The campaign coincides with the Navy's 234th birthday and various advertisements from newspaper ads, television commercials, posters and billboards are being introduced on 48 Navy bases across the country.

The video has wracked up praise from, among others, Navy moms.

"Love this video," wrote the mother of a Sailor now on duty in Japan on "[It] makes me proud all over again that my son serves in the Navy for his country. While our military serves to protect the USA. I also believe that we are there for global needs to be a better country and better human beings. America."

Another wrote: "Okay, I know it's good when I get chills watching it! Having two sons currently serving, my heart is already bursting with pride - great job!"

It may be coincidental, but four years ago Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen used the same phrase when, as Chief of Naval Operations, he told a Worldwide Commandant's Conference in Arlington, Va., that he viewed the Navy's sea power "a force for good" in the world.

Speaking to the gathering of commandants and chiefs from the navies of 26 countries, Mullen said he saw sea power "as way to understand, as a way to deliver hope, and empower where there is the will and desire to be empowered. ... But it is [being] that force for good, in addition to clearly to being able to carry out the war fighting mission, that makes us unique." managing editor Christian Lowe contributed to this report.

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