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TRICARE Standard With Other Health Insurance

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insurance key on computer keyboard

Are you covered by other health insurance -- maybe through your spouse, a job, or under medical coverage for accidental injuries under your automobile insurance policy? If so, you or your provider must file a claim for your health care with the insurance plan before filing with TRICARE Standard.

After your other insurance has decided what it's going to pay, a claim may be filed with TRICARE Standard. A copy of the other health plan's payment determination, and a copy of the bill, must be sent along with your TRICARE Standard claim.

Some providers, even if they agree to participate in TRICARE Standard, may ask you to file with the other insurance first. Discuss this with them when you arrange to pay your part of the bills. If you have TRICARE Standard supplemental insurance -- a policy that's specifically designated to be a supplement to TRICARE Standard health benefits, and is sold by many military associations and some private firms -- you don't file with them first. Go ahead and have the claim sent to the TRICARE contractor. Make sure that the name of your insurance and other information about the policy is indicated on the claim form.

If you don't tell the TRICARE contractor about your other health insurance, the claim your provider sends in could be delayed in processing or even denied.

For general information about TRICARE, call the toll-free TRICARE information line for your region found at the TRICARE Contact Us web page.

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