Enrolling in TRICARE Prime Overseas Program

The TRICARE Prime benefit is available overseas. The TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP) Prime serves active duty service members and eligible family members stationed overseas in one of the three overseas areas: Europe, Pacific, Latin America/Canada.

Enrollment in TOP Prime for Active Duty Family Members (ADFMs) living overseas is not automatic. ADFMs must enroll in TOP Prime just as they would stateside. ADFMs who wish to enroll in TOP Prime must meet certain criteria:

  • Be Eligible in DEERS
  • Be listed on their permanent change of station (PCS) orders or relocate on service sponsored/funded orders

A military sponsor, spouse, or other adult family member must fill out an enrollment application and submit it to the nearest TRICARE Service Center (TSC), TRICARE POC, or the TRICARE Area Office.

TOP enrollment begins on the date of acceptance of your enrollment package. ADFMs may enroll at any time. Enrollment continues until they choose to disenroll, or are transferred to another TRICARE region or area, or until they become ineligible for TOP Prime or the TRICARE program. There are no enrollment fees, co-payments, or deductibles for using TOP Prime.

Moving: If you are scheduled for a permanent change of station (PCS) move, you will remain enrolled in Prime for a maximum of 60 days from the date you leave your current TRICARE region (in the U.S. Territories or overseas).

TRICARE enrollment and cliams forms can be found at: www.tricare.mil/enrollment/index.cfm.

For general information about TRICARE, call one of the many toll-free TRICARE information lines found at the TRICARE Contact Us web page.

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