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  • TRICARE Benefits Explained

    Confused about TRICARE? If so you are not alone. The fact is, TRICARE is an enormous and very complex health care system. We can help clarify many of your questions and concerns. You owe it to yourself and your family to find out as much as you can about TRICARE before making any decisions! There are several TRICARE programs available depending on your status and location. Visit for a full TRICARE benefit breakdown. more

  • TRICARE Benefits Overview


    Do you understand your TRICARE benefits? Do you know if you are enrolled in the TRICARE coverage plan that best suits your family's needs? Are you completely confused by all the TRICARE coverage options, co-pays, deductibles, and acronyms? If so you are not alone, our surveys have found that most servicemembers and their families are confused by TRICARE. The fact is, TRICARE is an enormous and very complex health care system. We can help cla... more

  • TRICARE Vision Benefits

    john lennon glasses

    TRICARE offers limited vision benefits depending on your beneficiary status and what type of TRICARE coverage you have. Medically necessary vision benefits are available under all TRICARE plans. Basic Vision Benefit for Active Duty Family Members: Active duty family members are eligible for one comprehensive ophthalmological eye examination per calendar year. The services are provided by TRICARE-authorized optometrists or ophthalmologists, ... more

  • Survivor Health and Dental Benefits

    Helen Chavez, the widow of Cesar Chavez receives a flag from the U.S. Navy, honoring her husband’s military service during a ceremony in Keene, Calif., Thursday, April 23, 2015. Scott Smith/AP

    Surviving family members of deceased servicemembers continue to receive benefits under the TRICARE system as follows: Surviving spouses continue under the same coverage for one year from the death of the service member. After one year, the spouse may pay an annual membership fee equal to that paid by retirees to enroll (or re-enroll) in TRICARE Prime and must pay the cost shares and deductibles applicable to retirees and their families ... more

  • TRICARE Webinar on Pharmacy Benefits

    If you are interested in learning more about the TRICARE pharmacy benefit, you could listen to the upcoming TRICARE pharmacy webinar, featuring Dr. George Jones, chief of Pharmacy Operations at the Defense Health Agency. Tune in on Wednesday, December 9 at 12 PM, EST. The webinar does not require prior registration. TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery is a safe, convenient and low cost option to get maintenance drugs. You will save up to $176 a yea... more

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