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  • Surviving Spouse and Family Education Benefits

    Fallen Warriors Victims of ID Theft

    Surviving Spouses and Dependent children of fallen servicemembers or disabled veterans are often unaware of the many resources they have to assist with paying for their education. The following article will briefly explain some of the major resources at your disposal. Survivors' and Dependents' Education Assistance Program The Dependents' Educational Assistance (DEA) program provides education and training opportunities to eligible dependent... more

  • Questions and Benefits: Military Adoption

    The good news is that the military does offer a military adoption reimbursement program. The bad news is that you have to wait for the adoption to be final or, if the child is adopted from overseas, for his or her citizenship to be finalized before you can apply for the money. For more details, see the latest Questions and Benefits column. more

  • I Want to PCS with Spouse Pro-Gear photo

    Dear Q&B, I heard a rumor that I can count all of my home business stuff as "pro-gear" during our military move. My spouse gets an allowance for professional books, paper and equipment that doesn't count toward our weight cap, and it would be awesome if I could have the same. I've got a desk, some office supplies and all of my inventory. Can you tell me what the rules are? Sincerely, Spouse On the Move Dear Move, We have to admit that wh... more

  • Can Grown Children Qualify for Military Benefits?

    We've recently received many letters from wishful commissary shoppers or their parents. One retiree wanted to know if his daughter and son-in-law, who live near a base, can shop at the commissary. Another figured that since the commissary rules say only active-duty service members, Guard and Reservists, medical retirees, retirees, Gold Star widows, 100 percent disabled veterans and all of their respective dependents are granted commissary acce... more

  • SBP Former Spouse Coverage

    Passing on money

    The Survivor Benefits Plan allows selection of coverage for former spouses. Costs and benefits under this option are identical to those for spouse coverage. This web page highlights key aspects of former spouse coverage. When former spouse coverage is elected, the current spouse must be informed. Only one SBP election may be made. If there is more than one former spouse, the member must specify which one will be covered. Procedures When ele... more

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