U.S. Air Force Dress UniformThe Air Force uniform reflects their Army Air Corps roots combined with the start of a new tradition of their own which began on January 18, 1949, when President Truman approved the distinctive Air Force blue uniform. The Air Force has several uniforms including the Service Dress, Dress, and Battle Dress uniforms, which, like the other services, have differing components and manner of dress depending on the situation and the rank of the Airman.

Air Force Uniform Resources:

Air Force (USAF) Uniform Policy
  Air Force Uniform History
  Air Force Ribbon Checker (unofficial)
  Air Force (USAF) Portal

A complete guide to the Air Force uniform policy including medals, awards, grooming standards and associated images and regulations can be found in the Air Force Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel --Air Force Instruction 36-2903. (pdf)

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