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  • Guard and Reserve Survey Deadline Extended

    The cutoff date has been extended for Guard and Reserve Soldiers to complete a survey on gender relations in the workplace. The new deadline for mailing surveys is Oct. 13, and Soldiers have until Oct. 19 to complete the online "2015 Workplace and Gender Relations Survey of Reserve Component Members" (2015 WGRR). The survey went out to 487,300 members of the Reserve components, Aug. 7. Soldiers can see if they have been selected as part of the... more

  • Survivor Benefit Plan for Reserve Component

    grandmother of U.S. Army soldier Aaron Toppen

    The Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan (RCSBP) enables people who served in Reserve Components to leave the people they care about with a benefit called an “annuity.” An annuity is a monthly payment that lasts the lifetime of your beneficiary after you pass away. The amount of the monthly payment is a percentage of your retired pay, and that percentage depends upon the election you make when you sign up for RCSBP. The RCSBP is quite sim... more

  • Reserve and Guard Retirees Near to Becoming 'Vets'

    On the eve of Veterans Day, the Senate passed a bill with language to grant "honorary" veteran status to as many as 200,000 Reserve and National Guard retirees — those not deemed veterans now because they did not serve a qualifying period of active service under federal orders. The House is expected to adopt similar language soon, either by pass... more

  • Plans for Reserve/Guard Retirement Getting Clearer

    Many Reserve and National Guard members are likely to face a difficult choice of retirement plans next year. Some reserve component advocacy groups are delighted by the prospect that their members will be given the choice: to stay under their current retirement plan or accept a reduced defined benefit at age 60 in return for participating immedi... more

  • Deployment Benefits for Guard and Reserve

    deployment paperwork

    Reserve and National Guard: Deployment Benefits Veterans' Benefits: The Department of Veterans' Affairs offers a number of benefit programs to Reserve members. To be eligible, you must have completed at least 181 consecutive days of active duty service, and be discharged or separated under honorable conditions. The DD form 214 will be required to establish your eligibility. Benefits include medically related services for service members who ... more

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