The Selective Reenlistment Bonus

The Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB) program is a monetary incentive paid to enlisted members to encourage reenlistments and retention in critical military skills to sustain the career force in those skills.

Reenlistment bonus award levels are adjusted as needed to ensure the services are retaining the correct quantity and critical skill mix to optimize their ability to accomplish the mission. 

The SRB is used to retain servicemembers with predetermined levels of experience called zones. Those zones are:

  • Zone A - reenlistment between 21 months and six years of active service.
  • Zone B - reenlistment between six to 10 years of active service.
  • Zone C - reenlistment from 10 to 14 years of active service.

For example if the Navy needed to maintain their current number of Avionics Technicians with less than six years they would target an SRB for Zone A.

A servicemembers actual reenlistment bonus is determined by factoring:

(Monthly Base Pay) X (Years of Additional Service) X (The SRB multiplier) = SRB Award.

Like most enlistment bonuses, 50 percent of the SRB is paid "up front" at the time of reenlistment. The remaining bonus amount is paid in equal annual installments.
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