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Retiree and Annuitant Retroactive Payment Update

In September 2006, the Department of Veteran's Affairs (DVA) identified more than 133,000 recipients of Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) or Concurrent Retired Disability Payment (CRDP) potentially eligible for additional retroactive compensation. Since then the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) in coordination with the DVA have processed all of the original cases as of June 8, 2008.

Throughout the project DVA identified additional retirees that were prospectively eligible for retroactive payments. The agency also resubmitted accounts, from the original 133,000, for potential supplementary entitlements. Those accounts, classified as "new and returning," were processed as of June 29, 2008.

Those people identified with potential eligibility for retroactive payment after January 2008, were placed in a category referred to as "On-Going." The On-Going category documents the most recently received new and returning VA Retro cases. Those accounts as of July 20, 2008, have been processed.  

Status as of 2008:
June 29
July 6
July 13
July 20
On-Going accounts
On-Going accounts processed
On-Going accounts remaining


To date a total of more than 230,000 accounts have been processed.   Going forward, plans are to process all incoming claims within 30 days.   While certain accounts may have received payment from DFAS, you may also be eligible for payment from the Department of Veteran's Affairs (DVA). Once your account has been processed at DFAS, the information is forwarded to the DVA for additional validation and possible payment. There may often be a lapse of time between the payments from the two different agencies. Questions concerning the VA can be addressed by calling 1-800-827-1000.

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