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Reserve Affiliation Bonuses For Prior Service Personnel

The Reserve Affiliation Bonus pays eligible servicemembers a cash bonus of up to $20,000. The following is a summary of the Reserve Affiliation Bonus and the Prior Service Enlistment Bonus:

Reserve Affiliation Bonuses

This bonus is available to Soldiers who have completed a service term within an active component of the military or in the Active Guard Reserve (AGR) and assigned to a Troop Program Unit (TPU) with the Army Reserve. The Enlisted Affiliation Bonus is no longer calculated based on number of months Remaining MSO.

Bonus Eligibility

You may be eligible to be paid a bonus for reserve affiliation if you:

  • Are serving on active duty or have served on active duty and are discharged under honorable conditions
  • Have less than 20 years of toal militay service

To be eligible to receive a bonus for reserve affiliation, a person must enlist in the Ready Reserve for at least 2 years in a:

  • Skill;
  • Unit; or
  • Pay grade designated to be eligible for the bonus

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Prior Service Enlistment Bonus

These financial incentives are available to you just for reenlisting with the Ready Reserve.

If you have prior military service you could qualify for an enlistment bonus. This bonus is only available with enlistment into the Ready Reserve with designated bonus-eligible MOSs.

How's the Money?

  • Up to $40,000 with a 2 year enlistment

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