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2012 Pay Raise Faces Delays - UPDATE

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Update: The House and Senate have agreed on changes to ensure U.S. citizens are exempted from the detainee provision, making it much less likely to be vetoed by the President. This means that the 2012 1.6 percent pay increase should be safe. Read the full article.

Due to a provision in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, the 2012 military pay raise, special pay extensions, and other personnel compensation and support programs may be delayed.

At the heart of the delay is a provision that may force the President to veto the NDAA. The provision that many on both sides of the aisle find offensive is not the proposed military end strength or the proposed 1.6 percent military pay raise. The issue is that many fear the questionable provision would allow the government arrest U.S. citizens suspected of terrorism without charges or due process, and hold them indefinitely.

This political snag will likely delay passage of the National Defense Act and with it funding for military operations, procurement, personnel and military family programs and the proposed 1.6 percent across-the-board military pay raise slated for 2012.Read more about military pay.

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