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  • Reserve Drill Pay Calculator
    Check out the Reserve Drill Pay Calculator!
  • Understanding your LES
    How to Read a Military LES
    Quite literally, it pays to know your way around an LES. Here's our line-by-line guide to making sense of one.
  • Tax forms showing adjusted gross income with checkbook and calculator
    2016 W-2 Distribution Schedule
    Defense Finance and Accounting Service
    When will your 2016 tax information be available? See the myPay schedule of posting and mailing dates.
  • generic graph showing upward trend
    COLA for Retired Pay
    Each year military retirees receive a Cost of Living Adjustment to their retirement pay. The increase is based on inflation rates.
  • (Photo: U.S. Army/Staff Sgt. Caleb Barrieau)
    Adoption Expenses Reimbursement
    The DOD has extended the time frame that you can be reimbursed for an adoption from 1 year to 2 years from the date of adoption.