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Employers: What Is Your Veteran Brand?


When a military veteran finds your company's website or passes your building and sees that logo you spent so much money and time coming up with, what goes through their mind? The preferred answer is that they recognize you as a company supportive of veterans, one that does what it can to demonstrate to the veteran community that you care. Is your company a place that current veteran employees are proud to be associated with? When looking to e... more

2016 Cost-of-Living Allowance (COLA)


The Cost of Living Allowance or COLA helps offset the effects of higher living expenses that servicemembers stationed in expensive locations within the United States are faced with. As a servicemember, you can expect to be stationed virtually anywhere in the country. During your career, you are likely to be assigned to a variety of low, moderate, or high cost locations. Although private sector pay often reflects the local cost-of-living, mili... more

Proposed Military Pay Charts

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April 2016 Update: House lawmakers have released a proposal for troops to receive a 2.1 percent pay raise in 2017. The White House has already requested a 1.6 percent pay raise for 2017, which is higher than 1.3 percent increase received by troops in 2016, but lower than the 2.1 percent raise called for by law to match private-sector wage growth. By law troops are to receive a pay raise within 0.5 percent of the Employment Cost Index, which ... more

Aviation Career Incentive Pay for Officers

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If you are an active duty commissioned officer on aviation duty, you are entitled to Aviation Career Incentive Pay (ACIP). Aviation career incentive pay is restricted to regular and reserve officers who hold, or are in training leading to, an aeronautical rating or designation and who engage and remain in aviation service on a career basis. For officers above O-6 with less than 25 years of aviation service: An officer in pay grade O-7 ... more

Frequently Asked Questions about CONUS COLA

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The following answers to COLA Frequently Asked Questions are provided by the Department of Defense's Per Diem, Travel and Transportation Committee. 1. What is the intent of CONUS COLA? ANSWER: As a requirement of their Service, members of the Uniformed Services move about the country. During their careers, members are likely to be assigned to a variety of low, moderate, and high-cost locations. Private sector pay scales tend to reflect loca... more

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