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Military Pay Allotments

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Update: Service members will soon be blocked from setting up new paycheck allotments for personal property, Defense Department officials have announced. The change, which officials said is designed to protect troops from "unscrupulous commercial lenders," will go into effect Jan. 1, 2015, according to the military announcement. "This will significantly improve protections for all service members and their families, while not significantly redu... more

Military Travel and Per Diem Rates


Per Diem is a daily allotment to reimburse servicemembers for the out-of-pocket cost of food, lodging and incidental expenses that occur while on military business or temporary assigned duty (TDY or TAD) away from their home station. Per Diem sets the limit to how much a servicemember can be reimbursed for meals and lodging. The following is a summary of how the Per Diem works: The Per Diem Allowance Each year the DoD Per Diem, Travel and Tr... more

Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay (CRDP) Overview

Concurrent Receipt means to receive both military retirement benefits and VA disability compensation, and up until 2004 this was forbidden by law. To receive a VA disability compensation, disabled military retirees had to waive all or part of their military pay. The following is a summary of Concurrent Receipt: Concurrent Receipt Overview Benefits Update Eligibility The Value of the CRDP Benefit Computing Your CRDP P... more

VA Fiduciary Program

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VA's Fiduciary Program was established to protect Veterans and other beneficiaries who, due to injury, disease, or due to age, are unable to manage their financial affairs. VA will only determine an individual to be unable to manage his or her financial affairs after receipt of medical documentation or if a court of competent jurisdiction has already made the determination. Upon determining a beneficiary is unable to manage his or her financi... more

2014 Cost-of-Living Allowance (COLA)

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As a servicemember, you can expect to be stationed virtually anywhere in the country. During your career, you are likely to be assigned to a variety of low-, moderate- and high-cost locations. Although private sector pay often reflects the local cost-of-living, military basic pay tables do not vary based on location. To help offset the effects of higher cost areas, military servicemembers may be eligible for a Cost-of-Living Allowance (COLA). ... more

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