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  • SCRA Lease Termination Provisions

    Green house in hands.

    The SCRA makes provisions to allow a servicemember to terminate certain lease agreements as described here. Real Property Leases Lease of premises occupied, or intended to be occupied, by a servicemember or a servicemember's dependents for a residential, professional, business, agricultural, or similar purpose if: the lease is executed by or on behalf of a person who thereafter and during the term of the lease enters military service;... more

  • Military Legal Matters Overview

    law court

    Members of the military are subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. There are also several free legal services available to military members, their families, and veterans. If you are in the military, you are subject to a different legal system than civilians are, the following links describe that legal system: Military law overview Physical disability board of review Military political activity restrictions Nonj... more

  • SCRA Insurance Protection


    The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act protects servicemembers from losing health or life insurance coverage if they are called to active duty military service, deployment or overseas tours of duty. Health Insurance Protection Under SCRA If a person is called to active duty they are entitled to reinstatement of any health insurance that was in effect on the day before such service commenced, and was terminated effective on a date during the per... more

  • Civil Relief Act Aids Servicemembers

    The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) provides protection to servicemembers who have difficulty meeting their financial and legal obligations because of their military service. The SCRA allows servicemembers required to PCS or deploy with military orders to terminate automotive or residential leases early. The SCRA affords servicemembers this right regardless of what the lease says. Your deployment must be for at least 90 days for you to ... more

  • Civil Relief Protections for Troops in Indiana

    Indiana Governor Mike Pence recently signed two bills into law to help the state's service members. The Indiana Servicemembers Civil Relief Act will help take the burden off of monthly bills while military members are deployed. Members will be able to renegotiate contracts for cell-phones, utilities, even rent. It also protects against foreclosures and evictions. There was already a federal law for active military. However, this legislation ex... more

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