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  • Military Legal Matters Overview

    law court

    Members of the military are subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. There are also several free legal services available to military members, their families, and veterans. If you are in the military, you are subject to a different legal system than civilians are, the following links describe that legal system: Military law overview Physical disability board of review Military political activity restrictions Nonj... more

  • Power of Attorney

    Airman helping service member with paperwork

    Powers of attorney are commonly used in all sorts of business activities, and are very frequently executed on behalf of individuals in the military who are deployed or otherwise unable to act on their on behalf. The two people involved are designated as either the "principal" or the "agent." The principal is the person who designates that another person -- the agent -- is authorized to act on their behalf for whatever business the power o... more

  • Family Legal Assistance

    Servicemember signing a contract

    If you need to write your will, are considering signing a lease, or need a power of attorney or notarized signature; then you need legal assistance, and best of all, military family members have access to legal assistance - absolutely free! Military Lawyers are called Judge advocates (JAGs). JAGs can offer help in legal and non-legal matters ranging from purchasing a car to renting an apartment, buying a home, paying taxes or writing a will. ... more

  • Free Legal Assistance

    Legal books

    If you need to write your will, are considering signing a lease, or need a power of attorney or notarized signature then you need legal assistance, and best of all military servicemembers and their families have access to legal assistance, absolutely free! Veterans are not eligible for these services. Generally, legal assistance is provided to the following groups: All members of the Armed Forces on active duty (including members of ... more

  • Free Legal Clinics for Virginia Vets

    The Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS) and the Virginia State Bar (VSB) are launching a series of pro bono Veterans Legal Services Clinics to provide estate planning services to low-income veterans in Virginia in 2016. Volunteer attorneys from the Office of the Attorney General and the VSB will serve low-income veterans by drafting wills, powers of attorney and advance medical directives in Hampton Roads on March 1, Richmond on Mar... more

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