ID/CAC Card Processing

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Tel: (707) 424-7654
Fax: (707) 424-4308
Tel (DSN): (312) 837-7654 (for use from Military DSN phones only)
Fax (DSN): (312) 837-4308 (for use from Military DSN phones only)
540 Airlift Drive
Room D-100
Building #381
Travis Air Force Base, CA 94535-0000
M-F 0800-1530 Appointment Only Scheduled UTA Weekends Sat 1100-1600 and Sun 1000-1530 Walk -In
Travis Air Force Base
Average rating for this facility is 1.0 stars based on 2 ratings.
**In the event that you have any questions or concerns please contact Customer Service at (707) 424-2345.
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274829489:57 PM 6/30/14

Called the (707) 424-7654 number five times...not once did anyone answer the phone. Real helpful, thank you.

285406991:53 PM 9/30/14

Remember that next time you dont answer your phone.

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