ID/CAC Card Processing

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Tel: (707) 424-8483
540 Airlift Drive
Wing D-100
Building #381
Travis Air Force Base, CA 94535-0000
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Travis Air Force Base
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274829489:57 PM 6/30/2014

Called the (707) 424-7654 number five times...not once did anyone answer the phone. Real helpful, thank you.

285406991:53 PM 9/30/2014

Remember that next time you dont answer your phone.

mayabird4:39 PM 3/2/2017

My ID has expired and I just called the (707) 424-8483 to get renewal information and if I need an appointment. Someone answered promptly it's 8:30am PST on a Thursday), was very helpful and informative. Now it's up to me to make the 1 hour trip to the base.

Threegirls7:46 PM 6/1/2017

Called all day and no answer. If there is a website or better yet, hours of operations this would be good contact information. Our ID's are kind of important!!!

Barrya19698:01 PM 6/24/2017

Tried to make appointment on your website, does not seem to work, no way to select date/time I needed.

680761783:36 AM 12/12/2017

New in Fairfield area. I lost my spouse I.D. Last week Thursday and I've been looking for it all over in the car and at the service station cashier where we were last. What is your hours and when is a good time and day to come in? I am a U.S. Army retiree. Thank you..

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