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ID Cards & DEERS
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Tel: (210) 221-0415
Fax: (210) 221-0834
Tel (DSN): (312) 471-0415 (for Military DSN phones only)
Fax (DSN): (312) 471-0834 (for Military DSN phones only)
2263 Stanley Road
JBSA-Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234-0000
Monday-Friday 7:30 am-4:00 pm APPOINTMENT ONLY
Fort Sam Houston
Average rating for this facility is 3.0 stars based on 2 ratings.
See website for additional information and appointment scheduler.
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RETIREDMILITARY19933:22 AM 11/29/13

The individual greeting and processing personnel was very rude. I had tried previously to call numerous times only to get a recording every time. Tried the website and got the same results, yet when I tried to explain he kept repeating, "You have to make an appointment. I expressed the fact that I'm over 100 miles away (150 to be exact) yet he insisted in repeating the same comment. I then told him where I worked and my schedule is not an 8-4 and again he repeated "its going to be 2-4 hours wait. The place was practically empty. Then after knowing where I worked he tried to be all friendly wife my wife which my wife didn't take to kindly. 20 minutes later he changed his attitude and expressed concern attentiveness by advising some other civilian to try and expedite our request. Is this the way he treats our SOLDIERS & RETIREES. If it is and he is then he needs STEP OFF and find another job. I don't know this man's name other than I know he is Puerto Rican. I was there on the 26 of November 2013 around 1100 hours. You have any question you can address them to my email at, Retired US Army and working for DHS

271475345:20 PM 2/3/15

I totally concur with you RETIREDMILITARY1993. They don't seem to be very friendly or enthusiastic in helping veterans. Today is Feb. 1st. Lady on the phone advised me that it would be Feb. 20th before I could come in and get an ID card! I guess if you do appointments you can arrange to do far less in a day. Think someone needs to reevaluate the way this office is being run. Looks like I will have to go out of my way to Ft. Hood to get an ID card. I would sure hate for anyone in this office to have to strain themselves in helping veterans!

BSKIDAD5:09 PM 3/11/15

Concur with previous comments regarding customer service at Fort Sam. Customer service across In/Out processing and Army Community Service is poor.

199160944:18 PM 5/6/15

I called today 6 may 15 and they answered on the second ring, The female that answered was very friendly and made my appointment for my wife immediately. I am very pleased with their service.

199160944:21 PM 5/6/15

Ref 19916094 I forgot to add I called Lackland AFB I D. section. I do not know about Ft Sam service.

43821277:41 PM 6/29/15

This is the poorest excuse for an organization that provides service that I have ever encountered in my life and to top it off there is no way to contact them with a question unless you drive to Fort Sam and wait hours just to talk to someone. Go Army haa

Tsnapper3:40 PM 7/17/15

This Rapids system is a joke! Everything that is supposed to make getting assistance easier has turned into frustration. Horribly maintained if even at all updated. What a joke of a system!

c_mony_19998:55 PM 10/14/15

I made my appointment today and its not till Nov. 5. 2015. Will see how it goes.

dino2col2:32 PM 4/7/16

I am retired us army living oversea Panama I got my child in San Antonio University Texas I been trying to get my child an ID card for almost about 3 months and and I do not no result

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