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Apartments that take pets.

Posted by 17267412 at 9:17 PM 9/26/11

When my home sells will be moving to Oahu. We have a small Doxie and need to find an apartment that will take pets within our retired budget.
Categories: Housing

paintandclean 3:07 AM 12/24/11

I know this answer is late, but it may be of some help to others who are arriving on Oahu later. Nearest to the Schofield / Wheeler Bases are condo complexes that are pet friendly. I know for certain that Evergreen Terrace is pet friendly. Surrounding complexes are: The Ridge, The Gardens, Streamside, The Terraces....all in the Mililani Tech Park / Launani area. As well, there is a bark park 10 minutes away ( 1 fwy offramp away) that is very nice. For those who need to temporarily board: Tails of Hawaii in Waipio is a very good facility. Ask for Heather.

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