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Branch Medical Clinic
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Tel: (904) 270-4444 (General Info)
Tel: (904) 542-4677 (Appointment line)
Fax: (904) 270-4448
Tel (DSN): (312) 270-4303
Fax (DSN): (312) 270-4448
1204 Massey Avenue
Building #1204
Mayport, FL 32228-0000
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Naval Station Mayport
Average rating for this facility is 3.0 stars based on 2 ratings.
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janes11335:42 PM 8/24/13

Dr Tonya Bolton, who was recently transferred, is one of the most unethical and irresponsible doctors that I have ever met in my entire life. They are like a gang over there, just like mafia. Very disappointing with the Navy medicine by keeping such trashy doctors such as Dr Bolton.

iarepilotswife8:48 PM 11/19/13

I usually don't do this but I felt compelled to leave a comment after reading janes1133's comment. I have to agree with janes1133 that Dr. Bolton is very unprofessional. I saw her after having some breathing trouble and heart palpitations and she actually chuckled at my complaints and did nothing to help figure out what was going on. I felt silly and humiliated for coming into the clinic and left after a the very brief appointment without asking any more questions. Luckily, my issues turned out to be anxiety and I was able to work through it on my own. But it was no thanks to Dr. Bolton.

tonya_bolton2:07 AM 1/8/14

To both janes1133 and iarepilotswife, I sincerely apologize for being incapable of providing uplifting care to both you and most of all seeming as though I am uncaring. While it is in fact impossible to please everyone, it is always unacceptable treat people as you both have described. It hurts to be advertised trashy, unethical, and unprofessional, but if I failed at performing my duties, I can understand your frustration. I am truly sorry. I have transferred from the branch clinic, but on my own terms. I have personally taken the above grievances to my former chain of command as I am a reflection of the clinic. I cannot take back my actions, but hope to prove my sincerity by publicly apologizing.

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