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on base housing or off base??

Posted by tipsy0528 at 5:27 AM 2/28/14

hi there... My fiance and I will get married prolly on May.. my questions are 1. when will the BAH starts? 2. he's an E4 and someone told me that since he's just an E4, he isnt allowed to get housing off base, is it true? that we are forced to stay on base housing.. 3. if he will be allowed to get off base housing, where is the best place (cheap and safe) to get an apartment. he's based is in San Diego, CA. 4. what else do i need to know about BAH and getting housing. thanks in advance everyone..
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yoann92101 7:07 PM 3/6/14

Hi, Hope this helps you a little: You should be able to live off base as an E4 as soon as you get married and the DoD processes the paperwork. Once you are married and allowed to live off base, then your BAH should start. BAH amount is calculated based on your pay grade and by the local cost for rent, utilities, and renter's insurance as well as number of dependents. You are free to allocate your BAH towards rent or mortgage payment and keep the difference tax free is everything is not allocated to rent/mortgage! Based on you guys' situation (married, E4, san diego) you should be able ( caution here! source is 2014-with-dependents-bah-rates) to get a BAH of $1971/month. I am a real estate agent and Military Relocation Specialist in San Diego. I NEVER charge a fee to active and retired military families and help them relocate wherever they need. PM at or call me 619-995-9467 to talk about it. However, you guys will need to be married in order to live off base ( the ONLY exception would be that on-base housing is unavailable or full and so they will allow you to live off base as an E4, single :( . Hope this helps, Feel free to email me any questions you may have. Thank you

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