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ID/CAC Card Processing
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Tel: (800) 538-9552 (DEERS)
Tel: (619) 556-9248
Tel (DSN): (312) 526-9248 (use Military DSN phones only)
3101 E. Harbor Dr.
Building #3436
San Diego, CA 92113
Not Provided
Naval Base San Diego
Not Provided
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tmingo5:54 PM 12/29/12

The service at this location is absolutely horrid. I cannot grasp my mind around how a department can hire such an unprofessional individual. My fiance recently made chief as well as re enlisted. We walked into this branch to renew his I'd along with a couple of dependent id's for our children. The woman who approached the counter proceeded to repeatedly puff on her vapor ciggerate while insisting that she didn't have to update the dependent id's until they expired in 2 months and demanded to know who everyone was including a present family member who had nothing to do with our visit. She did offer to update the active duty I'd and when he pointed out that he would be deploying and wanted to get this handled immediately; she replied that we needed to hurry up because her legs were hurting. Seriously? Who in their right mind smokes inside a professional establishment While complaining to the Individuals she was hired to assist? I understand we are in a recession but this is unacceptable. Thanks to her lack of courtesy when it comes to dealing with children we had to explain why there was smoke coming out of the pen she was blowing and justify her negative attitude as age and fatigue. We will definitely be using North Island for all future needs.

MannyCepeda3:14 AM 11/13/14

When I tried to login to setup an ID card appointment I get this: "Your connection is not private Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards)." Pretty Unsat!!!

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