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Tel: (619) 556-1011
3455 Senn Rd.
San Diego, CA 92136
Naval Base San Diego
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358966213:33 AM 2/5/2017

I am looking for a Naval officer or Commander, my daughter is married to a United States Sailor and they have been separated for at least 6months she is being harassed and her family is now being harassed by one of your Navy men, Please someone help! I am her mother I live in NY and need help he is verbally abusive and physically as well. My daughter is a good kid only 19, and he is at sea and will be back in April. We have messages saved where he has threatened her if we call the Navy and report this! Enough is enough we have asked him nicely to let her go home and leave her alone and he has responded with if we call the Navy we will regret it that he will make her life a living hell! I don't know where to go or whom to report this. I fear for her safety, please help! My next step is my United states Congress man!

361311723:41 PM 5/15/2017

Hello im praying this get to the right person im looking for my brother Lorenzo Frank Williams i been searching for 24 years an get know where.Last time we seen was in a news article about USS FLINT caisr were from Flint if anybody can give me any information on his location it would b greatly appreciated thank you My name is Kimberly Hood phone 5178949805

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