Personnel Support Detachment

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Tel: (619) 545-0509
Tel: (619) 545-7928
Building #515
San Diego, CA 92106-0000
Not Provided
Naval Air Station North Island
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Stew19726:45 PM 3/19/13

I retired from the Navy almost two years ago and never used my travel benefits. I just got off the phone with one of the PS's that work there, I didn't catch his name, but he was very helpful and answered all my questions. Good job!!

walterenos3:22 PM 4/1/13

The physical location of PSD Point Loma is along Cabrillo Memorila Drive about a 1/4 mile south of Electron Drive. The 140 Sylvester Rd is just the mailing address.

erkenney197010:09 PM 1/27/14

I just retired, and PSD NI never sent DFAS my DD 2656. When I went back to ask about it, I was told that they did...I asked for a copy of it (since they should have kept retains) and they didn't have it. Now please understand, I am a retired PS1 and in my 20 years, you keep a retain of EVERYTHING - especially with pay documents! I was treated very poorly throughout my retirement process and had to do nearly everything myself. I was asked to let the retirement clerk (Angela Haggerty) to complete my retirement process and against better judgement I did. I have a DD 2656 somewhere in my paperwork (which has been put in storage) and have to find it. The result of this is DFAS started SBP (which I elected not to have) and now I am out 140.00/mo until I can find the paperwork, or PSD NI gets off their fannies and finds the retain they SHOULD have.

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