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spouse left with no money

Posted by annanash8891 at 12:26 AM 5/31/12

my friend just got married her hubby is leavinf for deployment training and he wont leave her any money. they dont have bah yet and she doesnt know what to do.
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25339191 12:02 AM 6/5/12

she could get a job

sailorswify713 5:48 PM 6/6/12

well first off he sounds like a bad husband. but other wise by navy regulations he has to give her all the BAH due to its ment for the spouse not the mamber. all she has to do is call the command he is with and they will take it from him and give it to her.

VETRET 6:17 PM 6/15/12

This is why the military has Dependent Support Groups to assist spouses with these types of problems. A simple phone call to her husband's commander/first sergeant to try to resolve the problem should assist her with her problem. If not, then the next stop is the Office of the Inspector General for legal assistance. Retired First Sergeant

Sp4Stroba 5:39 PM 8/9/12

I would have to say there is a lot more to this story then what is presented!

Jer15905 8:33 PM 12/16/12

she can always get a job! I'm sure there's more to this story and she'll get the BAH but also sounds like she's worried only about the money! She could have always stayed home with her family while he is gone!

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