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Posted by rolltide2121 at 8:17 PM 5/10/12

ok i'm still kinda new to this whole thing ok my husband is across seas at the moment and hes supposed to be sending me seperation pay but he hasnt sent me anything in over a month im begging him to send me something i'm in Alabam and having to live here and there because hes not sending me money to live anywhere so i'm taking what i can get... so please i need advice..numbers anything. Thanks
Categories: Spouses

annanash8891 12:13 AM 5/31/12

what fort is he stationed at? you need to call his command and let them know. he has to give you part of the bah thats your money. he can get in big trouble for not giving it to you. also you can google ACS ( his fort ) and it will bring up a number you can call to get relief.

Jer15905 8:45 PM 12/16/12

you shouldn't be worried about the money and he's overseas defending your freedom! That's pathetic and aren't you near family?!?!?!?! I'm sure you have somewhere to live and get off the soap box.

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