ID/CAC Card Processing

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Tel: (757) 764-2270
Fax: (757) 764-4683
45 Nealy Ave
Building #15
Virginia Beach, VA 23665
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Langley Air Force Base
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asir11:20 PM 3/20/12

So, I went in for new stickers today and was so relieved to not only have them issued to me, but the line was non-existent which made me so extatic, that i walked out with the stickers in hand and didn't bother to look at the month/year numbers. 2/13 is when they expire, that's less than a year from now WTF? Anybody know why? I really did not to walk back in there in fear of having some rude answer thrown at me.

riggerriggen6:37 PM 6/29/12

So it all depends on what your EAOS is. The stickers are usually good until it is time for you to be up for reenlistment or when you are going to get out +- a couple months.

75005015:26 PM 9/4/12

POOR POOR POOR service! I have gone there twice today for a decal update and both time the line was 50 people or more with 3 employees working and ONE worried about blocking the door to the I.D office!!! When everyone was lined up to the left side NOT blocking the doorway... Maybe she should worry about Customer Service and getting people what they needed the line wouldnt be OUT that far!! And to the 1 st comment here I too got a sticker just last year and it has now expired!! As to the Comment #2 your wrong I'm civil service and it should co-inside with the date on your badge. This should have not been issued one year out I asked them when they did it. Also they had me not working at my Command that I have been at for the last three years maybe they need TRAINING or new HIRES.

T23410:57 PM 10/3/12

Poor service as 7500501 mentioned. I used to get such good service here but it all depends on the representative that you get while there at the pass office. In my case, I got a heavy-set caucasian man with a white beard (on the far left side of the room) who was nice at first until he asked me for pictures of my car since I was supposed to get them in place of the state inspection slip which I was missing at the time. While mentioning that, he said, 'Really, why don't you get those pictures NOW? I mean, right NOW. Go.' He then proceeded to shake his head at a customer that was next to me on my right, as if to say that I was obtuse or something and laughed about it, condescendingly. After I got the pictures on my phone, he said in a more disagreeable tone that I was supposed to take pictures of the entire front end of the car which he didn't mention earlier. Since I didn't want to make a scene, I just kept quiet. He then proceeded to act like I was wasting his time and shook his head at another customer as if to verify, in his condesending opinion, my idiocy. When I came back, he looked at the phone and filled out an entry in his log and didn't say anything after handing my driver's license and other paperwork back. After 2 minutes or so after this, he said, 'We're done! You can go now!' How rude is that? He has no sense of customer service and should not be dealing with the public in any capacity. I was thinking of possibly filing a formal feedback on this because no reps should treat people like dogs and that's how I felt when I was dealing with this guy. I am in my mid-30s; I don't need a grown man to treat me like I'm an 8-year-old with down syndrome. I honestly felt like walking out and coming back another day, to work with someone else- that's how upset I was. Is there any way to file a formal complaint or feedback somewhere?

pncdr4:13 PM 10/20/12

Hours are not listed on this page; would be most helpful if they were. Also, when calling, the telephone rings constantly however no one answers and there is no way to leave a message. Not very user-friendly to the guys and gals in the fleet. Additionally, base operators have no information regarding hours of operation, so no help available there either. :(

282425075:32 PM 3/22/13

The hours are Monday through Friday 6AM to 4:45PM. I called and the man that answered said the busiest time is between 2 and close. I agree that they are unnecessarily rude and not pleasant to talk to. I am hoping going in there won't be so bad if I go in early enough.

lsu500112:27 PM 5/29/13

The service is not at par. They are using time consuming to make me wait until I call them to get the badge for the Naval Hospital. They should be more responsible to make the machine work and speed up the process. I hope they fixed it before my temp pass expired.

cobra_pit_viper1:15 PM 6/28/13

The customer service at NASO Pass & ID is absolutely attrocious. There is one lady there that is the most rude, impersonal, and grouchy civilian I have EVER dealt with. I think she delights in making peoples lives harder than they should be. I provided my information to her, she didn't like what I was providing because my wifes name is also on the vehicle registration. She was attempting me to require me to have my wife with me (she is in Pensacola) in order to have my decals issued. So, without further hesitation I walked out, drove to another base and got my decals without incident. This woman at NAS Oceana is a waste of space and should not be employed in a customer service position. What a waste.

RASimone8:27 PM 7/4/13

When EXACTLY do we no longer need base decals? I'm getting very conflicting stories.

150062162:15 PM 9/16/13

I live A long way from Norfolk can I get A sticker by mail

tarman099:25 PM 9/18/13

I am trying to find out if we no longer need base decals

294157508:06 PM 12/19/13

Rude, snooty, and unprofessional. As a retired Master Chief I believe the Navy would do much better to monitor these front line folks and only assign such positions to the best, not the rest. These folks are not helpful, don't care to listen, and show very little interest for helping those with jobs supporting the Navy to get on base to perform these jobs. Hey folks, guess what? No one comes to your hole in the wall office because they have nothing better to do with their time. People come there because they have a job to do on base and they need your guidance getting there. Furthermore, the folks on base NEED these people to come do the work. This attitude of make access difficult was never supposed to be a part of your charter. Comply with regulations? Yes, all the time without failure. Make doing this a huge pain in the rear? Not part of your charter. Getting over yourselves would be a good start. You are not as important as you think you are. The job is important for national security, of course. But YOU? Nope, your job can be done by lots of different folks. In the long run, you would feel better and so would your customers and so would the Commanding Officer, if you simply adopted an attitude of doing all you can to sincerely help everyone coming into your office. By the way, the sublte 'attitude' for those who don't look like you isn't so subtle and it needs to stop.

353389881:30 PM 6/22/17

My wife lost her id card. Went to rapids appointments and the first available appointment was the middle of next month. This is unsatisfactory.

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