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ID/CAC Card Processing - NAS Jacksonville
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Tel: (904) 542-4528
Tel: (904) 542-4530
Fax: (904) 542-2498
Tel (DSN): (312) 942-4529 (use military DSN phones only)
Tel (DSN): (312) 942-4530 (use military DSN phones only)
Fax (DSN): (312) 942-2494 (use military DSN phones only)
Yorktown Ave.
Building #9
Jacksonville, FL 32212-0000
Not Provided
Naval Air Station Jacksonville
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Not Provided
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2152488412:23 AM 1/9/14

More information on vehicle registration and how to renew vehicle ID stickers.

221951521:08 PM 7/21/14

need information on how my wife can renew her ID card via mail. Traveling is getting to be too difficult. Can this be done?

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