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Marine Stolen Identity

Posted by marymarr at 3:12 PM 1/10/13

Hello, I was approached on a dating site by somene claiming to be a marine by the name of Evgueniy G. Todorov. I knew quite quickly this guy was a fake, however, I googled the marines name and he is a real marine. My fear is that this person is using his name will cause great harm to the true marine. I have researched a ton on these animals and have lots of information to share with someone at the USMC who can help me. I really want this marine to know that someone is using his name. I tracked the IP address and it originated in Ghana, and it is being used in Summerside CA, as well. Please help so I can help this marine. Thank You,
Categories: Active Duty

marymarr 3:18 PM 1/10/13

Also, my research showed the marine was active as of 2008 when he was nominated for a Bronze Star - his then rank was MSGT, his Action Unit - 1ST INTEL BN, I MHG, I MEF.

goldilocks 5:45 PM 1/15/13

Hi Mary, it is great you are helping to let this marine know. i will assist with info i have found online. -contact ftc at - then contact the DIRINT Executive Assistant. to let them know a active duty marines name and info has been used falsely and you are trying to have someone of authority let him know about this. Executive Assistant of Marine Corps Intelligence at

marymarr 8:16 PM 1/15/13

Hi goldilocks, thankyou so much, i have been looking, asking and trying every avenue to no availe. I will complete all of this tonight. Thank you again, marymarr

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