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Looking for Tammy (Sulivan) James

Posted by 29891960 at 4:17 AM 1/5/13

Searching for Tammy Sullivan (married to Kevin Sullivan at the time with daughter Mandy (amanda)). She was stationed at Coronado, Californiaand had been married to Kevin Sullivan, but they got divorced. I named my Daughter (one of a set of triplets) after her. Later, she had married a man from Texarkana, Arkansa and had a son by him, She divorced this man and he shortly afterward died in a car accident. She and I attended Pacific Coast College and we were room mates with Martha Goins when we lived in San Diego.
Categories: Veterans & Retirees

29891960 2:45 AM 1/15/13

She later moved to texarkana and got married to a man, had a son by him, then divorced him, he shortly after died in a car accident. I think his last name was James, so she would have been Tammy James.

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