Veterinary Services

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Tel: (910) 450-1607
2459 Iwo Jima Blvd
Building #TT-2451
Jacksonville, NC 28543-0000
M-F 0800-1600
Marine Corps Air Station New River
Average rating for this facility is 3.0 stars based on 4 ratings.
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dodah3:28 PM 5/1/12

I adopted my little dog from a woman that works at the vet clinic on Tarawa Terrace, so made an appt for her heartworm test after 6 months. It took 1 week of constant calling before a person finally answered the phone. My appt was for today, May 1 at 9:am. I got there at 8:30 and at 9:45 had to go to the desk to see if they forgot about me. The receptionist is very unfriendly and said, well I signed you in and don't know why they didn't call you in yet. I waited and watched 2 people that came in close to 9:30 get called into the examining room. I went back close to 9:50 and told them I had to leave and to cancel my appt.. The girl that checked me in took my records and didn't tell the other nice girl where my own papers were, so I had to wait until she found them. By the time I left, I was boiling, but didn't disrespect any of the girls there. It would be very nice if the receptionist could at least tell people that they are running behind or something. I used the base vet for years and never had this kind of experience before. Very disappointed with it now. Thank you for listening to me and blessings to you all. Rochele Thompson/Clement

kernaghan26:00 PM 6/21/13

Today I had appointment at the vet clinic on Tarawa Terrace. Myself along with 5 others sat outside and waited for sometime for someone to open the clinic. That were 6 people this morning that were turned away because no one was there. When we tried to call we went directly to voice mail. I think it is extremely rude and inconsiderate to treat people in this manner, nothing posted on the door, no calls offered to reschedule appointments. Why aren't the civilian employees at least there to answer questions or offer a reschedule. Normally at any given time there are at least 2 women sitting there laughing and cutting up, ignoring customers and the phone. I can not believe how the base vet has really gone down hill. By the time 10:30 came I decided to leave and go to a civilian vet. They complain horribly if customers are just a few minutes late, and act like they are doing us a favor. One question who holds these people accountable? I sure wish they would step up to the plate. Thanks for reading my post. Deborah Kernaghan

251376501:55 AM 8/8/13

It is a little hard to make an appointment at the base vet on TT but that is because there are a lot of people using them. I called a couple of times and the phone was busy but once I got through I was able to make an appointment for when I wanted. I took my dog in and the ladies were really nice and kept her occupied (played with her) so I could fill out the paperwork. We were in and out in a reasonable amount of time and things went really well. The only thing that I will say is you MUST tell them exactly what you want or they will give you everything. I called and made an appointment for rabies and microchip and left out of there with distemper, heartworm, rabies, etc and they almost forgot the microchip. The appointment that we expected to be maybe $70 was $135. That was not a good surprise! Nikki R.

Ady1238:07 PM 2/11/14

When making our first appt I advised the facility my animal needed medication by the first of the month. Our appt was made for a few days after, but I was told it was fine. The MTF cancelled the appt for emergency, and rescheduled for a couple weeks later even though I again advised we needed the med. As I was pulling up to the facility at 12:55 I was called and informed my 1:00 appt was cancelled again - for weather. I was upset after having brought 3 kids and a dog out in the rain/hail and drove all the way over in the weather that was supposedly dangerous. I can't believe they called me 5 min prior when I would obviously already be driving or there; it could have either been cancelled much earlier based on forecasts (as schools were) or they could have seen us as last patients since we were already that close. After I complained the girl on the phone handed it to another employee, I restated my complaint and she said "I have other people to call" and "this conversation is over" and hung up on me! Now my dog has no meds and is way overdue, hopefully won't be ill, and I have to find a new vet and make a new appt and bring everyone out again. Never using this vet again and recommend all others the same.

M2014M12:06 AM 3/7/14

I use the base vet and have for many years. I do not trust anyone else with my animals as I have watched how they interact with the animals and the love they really have for our 4 legged children. Yes it is hard to get an appointment but that is because they are trying to see many people. I have seen a lady there who had a dog wrapped in a blanket that was recovering from surgery and she carried that baby with her I assume to keep an eye on her during the recovery. This touched me more then anything to see someone do this. Ady, I would assume that the reason you were getting a call that soon to an appointment due to weather would be because the base closed. I can see how you would be upset but they have no control over the base closing or not. I love this facility and my pets do as well. I would never take my babies anywhere else!

321664207:17 AM 3/7/14

OMG! Really people? I have been taking my fur babies to these guys for a couple of years now and REFUSE to take them anywhere else. The care that my babies have received is amazing. There was a lady that used to work at the front desk that could be a little rude at times but she is no longer there. The lady that is up there now is doing the job of 3 alone and is doing an amazing job. Now, the veterinarians are few but the care your animal will receive will be terrific. They are so kind and gentle with them and me . Anyone who believes this garbage on here about them being awful really does need to go out in town with their animals. The care that I received in town from numerous vets was not good. The doctors were not nice and treated your babies like they were nothing more than a money maker. Now don't get me wrong, there are a very few that are very nice and kind to your animals and their needs. Coastal cat clinic is one if you have a cat but that is the only one I know of that is good and they are just a cat clinic. Again, the ladies and gentlemen at TT2459 VTF are wonderful!!! I'm hooked. Just beware the little tiny short lady...she is a little scary. Lol. The vet tech Michelle, (I think she is a tech) is absolutely wonderful!!!!!! I just love her and she has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met. She treats you and your fur babies like they are family. Tippet, Bracy, Jen, cot. Robinson, Cpt. A...( can't pronounce her last name), great people. I have known these guys and gals to stay on 24/7 watch sitting and watching a little dog all the way through the Christmas holiday instead of being with their families. Now that is care. I saw this myself. Round the clock!!! For 2 weeks they did this for this puppy. Who else would have done that? NO ONE!! Enough said... A VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER...

Sheweael6:15 PM 6/30/14

I have NEVER had an issue with the Camp Lejeune Veterinary Clinic! Making an appointment is an issue at times, but you can stop by any time during business hours and make an appointment in person. I took my fur babies there during our first tour here during 2004-2007 and I've been taking them here during our current tour since 2011. The staff is pleasant and the Vet Techs and Vet have a great "bedside manner". I've never taken my fur babies anywhere else in Jacksonville/Camp Lejeune and I never will. If we are ever here for future tours, this is where they'll be going then, too.

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