Legal Services/JAG

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Tel: (813) 828-4421
Tel: (813) 828-4422
8208 Hangar Loop Dr.
Building #299
MacDill AFB, FL 33621-0000
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MacDill Air Force Base
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frankrosemarie3:42 PM 9/25/2013

Every day for nearly 2 weeks, we have tried to call the Legal Ofc to see if they could send us the necessary forms to fill out for Wills and Powers of Attorney. /we have not be able to reach anyone. Only a recording. Even our letter to MacDill has not been answered. This is unacceptable and very frustrating. We are Senior Citizens, retired military and 100% disabled veteran. Why can't MacDill send someone to Ocala, periodically, to assist us, and others, with legal documents/forms needed for Wills, Powers of Attorney, and updated ID cards? least, answer your telephones!!!

2595706811:13 PM 8/7/2014

i've been trying all week too, trying to do a will to: no one answers the phone, they offer the benefit and then they don't come through, why offer something if you're not going to live up to it, how about answering your phones!!!!!

lorrac2212:34 AM 3/13/2015

Call 813 828-4421 that is answered by a person, but may take several rings before they answer!!!!

dgaraux2:33 PM 3/7/2016

This is now Mar 2015 and this problem still exists. The 4421 number listed above is also only answered by a machine. This absolutely the worst legal Office I have experienced in my over 50 years serving for and dealing with the Air Force. Is there really anyone who works in this office or is everyone at the beach?

174244647:37 PM 8/26/2016

Wow. Clearly this problem has never been addressed because it is now 8/26/16 and I have been calling repeatedly for 2 days trying to reach someone. I've let it ring for 5 minutes each time and it automatically hangs up. Their listed link to find forms does not work. There is no way to reach anyone. This is beyond frustrating.

345202612:25 PM 10/3/2016


2763856610:53 PM 2/2/2017

Had a will completed in 2011 and no problem. Now forget it...won't answer the phone and not able to make appt on line or fill out the worksheet-link doesn't work. All the same previously reported stuff.

334455178:06 PM 3/9/2017

I have same problem, the AFB base in valdusta GA weill send all work sheets for wills and make appt. Here you cant even talk to any one.

360342361:53 PM 3/27/2017

We filled out the paperwork on Feb 6, 2017 to have wills done for my wife and myself. Since then we have called every Monday like it says and have NOT YET been able to get through. All we get is a recording. The paperwork states it is only good for 90 days. We try all day long on Mondays.

txsdevine@aol.com3:43 PM 4/4/2017

Spoke with an Airman George who had me on hold for a long time. Called the same number from a different phone and was going to be put on hold again. Since the website does not work how do I get paperwork for will because cannot make an appt on line. Was told could come in and pick up paperwork I aked can you send to me was told no. I understand busy time as I worked in a personnel office but this office needs more help better trained people and at least someone to answer phones. Have spent 2 weeks trying to get thru on phone and today got thru but am no closer to having forms than I was 2 weeks ago. At least have the website fixed and allow appts to be made on oline

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