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Information, Ticket and Travel (ITT)
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Tel: (623) 856-6000
Fax: (623) 535-8848
Tel (DSN): (312) 896-6000 (use on-base phones only)
1150 ITT Office
Building #1150
Luke Air Force Base, AZ 85309-0000
M-F 8AM - 5PM; Sat 8AM - 12PM
Luke Air Force Base
Average rating for this facility is 4.0 stars based on 4 ratings.
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alleykat19:41 PM 7/2/12

Every time I have called the ITT office and spoke with somone who works there, Or even when I have gone into the ITT office in person, I have never encountered a more RUDE bunch of ladies than the ladies who work at the Luke ITT office! I have never had a good experience with anyone there! The two ladies I have encountered belittle me by talking to me like I am a teenager when I am a 40 something adult! I ask specific questions and they go on rudely about something I didn't even ask about and I end up repeating myself. I have been using the ITT office going on 10+ years. So what does that tell you? Ladies, try being nice in a NON-Condescending way or a change!

thefreegirl9:22 PM 4/26/13

I called down to the ITT office and spoke with a very professional lady on the phone. She gave me all the information I needed on pricing and how to get down to the office and buy the tickets for the family. I had never used the ticket office before but was very pleased on how easy it was and how friendly they were! So excited to take the family on the trip now. :)

migueltv738:17 PM 5/3/13

Please see my comment at MWR website, I should have posted it here. Yes I agree with alleykat1

anaviles5:30 PM 5/24/13

I have had nothing but good experiences with the Luke ITT office. They have always been nice and more than willing to help us. I went for the first time by myself today and couldn't have been happier with the service I received. The lady that helped me not only took care of the tickets I needed she told me about other services on the base and things to look into since I am getting ready to PCS for the first time.

azeve3:27 AM 12/4/13

I have used the office on several occasions, the ladies that work there have gone out of their way to help me and make sure everything I planned was great. When I went to Disney for my 50th and wanted to stay an extra day the ladies bent over backwards to make sure it was possible talking to the people in Disney to make it happen. I give them 5 stars!!! Outstanding service like always!

mshahin5:52 PM 8/7/14

I agree with alleykat1

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