Visitor's Reception Center

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Tel: (210) 671-6167
Tel: (210) 671-6174
Visitor's Reception Center
Gateway East
Building #2292
JBSA-Lackland AFB, TX 78236-0000
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Lackland Air Force Base
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yoyitoste11:34 PM 8/26/14

my son got recycled we have our base pass for sept. 4-7, but his new graduation is for sept.18-21 what do we have to do or does it automatically change

KJHensel11:20 AM 9/15/14

I also need the answer to this question about the expired base pass. Thank you!

357115456:27 PM 12/5/16

We are coming in this week (from North Carolina) for basic training graduation 12/8 through 12/11/2016. I have been trying for a couple of weeks to simply get the last 2 passes we need to get on base - I sent the list October 20 2016 - we did receive 5 of the 7 passes we need - not sure why we did not get the other 2 that were on the list. I also have been calling the visitor center to resolve.... no answer.... Can we resolved this please?

357540745:36 PM 3/2/17

Can you tell me what date the graduation is set for for the group that just arrived? I do not understand what you would need to clarify that, but does FLT 304 help ?

360830925:26 PM 4/26/17

My daughter is a 68W, graduating A.I.T. on May 19th. When she was in basic training, we had to fill out a form and mail it in so we would be allowed access on base for Family Day and graduation. I can't locate the form for Ft. Sam Houston. I will arrive late on May 17th and leave on May 19th. Please advise on what I need to do so that I do not miss out on my daughter's accomplishments. Thank you, Shanna

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