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Lackland Air Force Base Information
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Tel: (210) 671-1110
Tel: (210) 671-6174 (24 Hour Gate)
Tel (DSN): (312) 473-1110
Tel (DSN): (312) 473-6174
Hwy 90
Cross Street: SW Military Road
Lackland AFB, TX 78236-5113
Lackland Air Force Base
Not Provided
Automated phone dial 1: Military flight personnel 2: Finance, 3: Base gym, 4: Lackland lodging, 5: Security Forces non emergency, 5: Base locator, Remain on the line for operator
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ForrestAustin9:04 PM 12/14/12

what is Lackland's geographical location considered to be? Northwest? Southwest? What please?

288152096:57 AM 3/6/13

I am searching for Christopher Scottie Wilder, who I believe is based at Lackland AFB.

A.J.Aucoin3:59 PM 3/25/13

Does the base have an historian? Looking for photos from Lackland AFB medical corps 1954-1958

biggart2346:33 AM 7/10/13

I want to buy pictures from basic graduation 9/7/2012. How can i buy them?

davis18734:27 PM 8/17/13

I graduated from Basic training in 1972. I had a graduation ring from basic and I have lost it. I would like to have another one. Is it possible that I can replace it and how may I do that.

SteveWSr12:28 PM 10/8/13

Looking for Flight Annuals 1974

ayomaee1:24 PM 10/9/13

My boyfriend is in basic training here and I miss him so much. Wish I could here his voice right now.

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