Lackland AFB Contact Phone Info

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Tel: (210) 671-1110
Tel: (210) 671-6174 (24 Hour Gate)
Hwy 90
Cross Street: SW Military Road
Lackland AFB, TX 78236
Lackland Air Force Base
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ForrestAustin9:04 PM 12/14/12

what is Lackland's geographical location considered to be? Northwest? Southwest? What please?

288152096:57 AM 3/6/13

I am searching for Christopher Scottie Wilder, who I believe is based at Lackland AFB.

A.J.Aucoin3:59 PM 3/25/13

Does the base have an historian? Looking for photos from Lackland AFB medical corps 1954-1958

biggart2346:33 AM 7/10/13

I want to buy pictures from basic graduation 9/7/2012. How can i buy them?

davis18734:27 PM 8/17/13

I graduated from Basic training in 1972. I had a graduation ring from basic and I have lost it. I would like to have another one. Is it possible that I can replace it and how may I do that.

SteveWSr12:28 PM 10/8/13

Looking for Flight Annuals 1974

ayomaee1:24 PM 10/9/13

My boyfriend is in basic training here and I miss him so much. Wish I could here his voice right now.

jaguar3083:07 PM 5/5/14

Are there photographs available for the various basic training squads? I graduated in January 1968 and Sgt Frazier was our leader.

GDRhodes1232:50 PM 6/20/14

I am searching for some information. His name would be George Steiger or Stager not sure of the spelling. He was in the the air Force in the Late 40's early 50's and stationed in England the Cotswold oxford area. Do you know where I might search to get any info? Thanks

WABReunion4:47 PM 7/20/14

Good morning! I am the organizer of the Wheelus Air Base, Tripoli, Libya Reunions (the base was open from 1945 until 1970). As the majority of the Servicemen had their basic training at Lackland I am looking to schedule the next Reunion in that area and I would like to know who I can contact? Thank you!

Stephanie.fitkin2:14 PM 9/11/14

My boyfriend just got to the base last night. we have been together for 4 years now and I really miss him he graduates there in November and I cant wait to see him. I just am not sure how I am going to be able to take him not being here with meh. I love him lots. is there any thing I can do to make time go by faster and easier for meh??

snofox4710:08 PM 11/11/14

We are looking for photos from the 1972 graduation at lackland air force basic training for my husband can you direct me to the correct department thank you

lipsJean.445comb7:01 AM 11/13/14

Hello, I'm a Mother of senior Master Sargent, new to this town and looking for work, I have skills in general labor, nurse asst.,security, sale inventory clerk, secretarial, waitress, short order cook, bartender, cashier, vendor if you know of any place that I can work email me at ps no baby sitting

obhitn35:23 PM 1/5/15

How do i find out that my son made it to Lackland on friday ?

Luvv23:42 AM 5/28/15

Hello, I am trying to retrieve my yearbook and boot camp pics. Ex seems to think this does not mean anything to and she throw all my military items away. I also need to get my AIT pics? Chanute AFB, 36 STUS. Lackland 318 sqd I believe. Can anyone direct me to where to purchase these very important and meaningful items

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