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ID/CAC Card Processing
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Tel: (210) 671-3303
1561 Stewart Avenue
Building #5616 RM 131
Lackland AFB, TX 78236-0000
Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:30pm
Lackland Air Force Base
Average rating for this facility is 1.0 stars based on 1 ratings.
Dial 1. See website for required documents.
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DannyCarden2:45 PM 12/17/12

This system of trying to make an appointment to re-new an ID is really FUBAR. The numbers given just gives you info or an individual that tells you to call the number or to go on-line to make an appointment. One cannot just ask them to give you a date/time. Nor can someone come in to the office and make an appointment, "Appointments must be made on-line". So much for customer service!

265909455:33 PM 2/21/13

Cannot get a human on the phone.

260204857:03 PM 6/11/13

Your entire system leaves a lot to be desired. If some human at your end would take a look at your system they would understand how bad your system really is. Who is in charge there? Fire the entire crew.

galaxxy2:44 AM 9/26/13

I Called the Lackland ID Card Processing number. It rang and rang, then got a message that my party was not answering and that the voice mail box was full, and then it said, "your call will now be terminated." So I tried again, with exactly the same results. So I tried again the next morning 3 more times with exactly the same results. So I tried Fort Sam Houston number. There the phone rings and immediately goes to, "Your call is now terminated." Same at Randolph. I cannot not speak to a human at any of the three bases/posts. I called the ANG at Kelly and immediately a very courteous lady answered. Is there anyone on active duty who still answers a phone or at least cleans out their voicemail box so someone can leave a message? This lack of customer service is shameful!!

208111522:25 PM 1/22/14

To say your system is frustrating is an understatement. I have tried to reach a human for over a week. No one seems to listen to messages or assign an attendant to take messages, or maybe speak to a customer. It's impossible to make an appointment for an ID Card because your automated system doesn't work either. If this was a civilian business, your company would be in serious trouble with your customer service. I worked DOD for 20 years and if I didn't answer the phone within 3 rings I would have been in serious trouble. You know, "personal pride in what you do."

3219032310:49 AM 4/8/14

Welcome to Lackland, you will soon find out the entire base is like this. People work harder trying not to work than if they actually worked.

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