Main Base ID/CAC Card Processing

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Tel: (210) 671-6006
Stewart Street
Building #5616
JBSA, TX 78234
Mon-Fri 0800-1530 By Appointment Only
Fort Sam Houston
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DannyCarden2:45 PM 12/17/2012

This system of trying to make an appointment to re-new an ID is really FUBAR. The numbers given just gives you info or an individual that tells you to call the number or to go on-line to make an appointment. One cannot just ask them to give you a date/time. Nor can someone come in to the office and make an appointment, "Appointments must be made on-line". So much for customer service!

265909455:33 PM 2/21/2013

Cannot get a human on the phone.

260204857:03 PM 6/11/2013

Your entire system leaves a lot to be desired. If some human at your end would take a look at your system they would understand how bad your system really is. Who is in charge there? Fire the entire crew.

galaxxy2:44 AM 9/26/2013

I Called the Lackland ID Card Processing number. It rang and rang, then got a message that my party was not answering and that the voice mail box was full, and then it said, "your call will now be terminated." So I tried again, with exactly the same results. So I tried again the next morning 3 more times with exactly the same results. So I tried Fort Sam Houston number. There the phone rings and immediately goes to, "Your call is now terminated." Same at Randolph. I cannot not speak to a human at any of the three bases/posts. I called the ANG at Kelly and immediately a very courteous lady answered. Is there anyone on active duty who still answers a phone or at least cleans out their voicemail box so someone can leave a message? This lack of customer service is shameful!!

208111522:25 PM 1/22/2014

To say your system is frustrating is an understatement. I have tried to reach a human for over a week. No one seems to listen to messages or assign an attendant to take messages, or maybe speak to a customer. It's impossible to make an appointment for an ID Card because your automated system doesn't work either. If this was a civilian business, your company would be in serious trouble with your customer service. I worked DOD for 20 years and if I didn't answer the phone within 3 rings I would have been in serious trouble. You know, "personal pride in what you do."

3219032310:49 AM 4/8/2014

Welcome to Lackland, you will soon find out the entire base is like this. People work harder trying not to work than if they actually worked.

Freespiritslove4:33 AM 5/1/2014

Here is the website to make an appointment to get ID Cards

Dilltm5:55 PM 6/25/2014

This is so stupid. This is the third time in the past two years, I've tried to get business done through DEERS/ID Card office. I have three direct phone numbers and no one ever answers. Today after scheduling a day off from work (I'm Retired) and my wife taking time from her work, we met our appointment for ID card renewal. But, as we started the World Wide Computers went down and an hour later we left without any process being done. We were given two numbers to call to find out if the systems had come back up and no one answers any phones. The last time I had to be there, they did not take numbers and after waiting an hour past my appointment time I approached the airman that checked me off upon my arrival to find out how far behind they were. I was told they were not behind at all. So, I said well I have been sitting right there and never once did you call my name and so they took me right away. I think the someone needs to be fired. Their service sucks.

Sloanle7:58 PM 9/30/2014

Third time back at CAC office and they cannot get it right. Ridiculous on the customer service. Finding out OIC for formal complaint. This is how they treat deploying members.

217331445:38 PM 9/18/2015

Terrible customer service. I am a retired MSgt. and I did not know that an appointment is necessary. I had a SSgt tell me I could go online and read the regulation if I was not happy with their procedures. I told a Chief friend about my experience and she was appalled. I will not go back there again. I went to Fort Sam and got excellent service.

petero20162:19 PM 4/3/2016

i cannot get into the appointment website, it gives me the message, your site may not be private, information may be stolen. will not let me make an appointment for a new id card.

75793731:08 PM 4/21/2016

You need to use Internet Explorer - not Chrome - and then click on the link that says "not recommended" to get through.

thgiwd4:06 PM 6/17/2016

Just hung up with I.D. section after making an appointment for my wife to renew her I.D. card and can report that I had no problems with telephone and /or customer service. Approximately 2 minutes from start to finish.. Ret. SFC.......

354332997:08 PM 9/6/2016

This is ridiculous! I have been trying to get on the system for over an hour to get a renewal military card and not only do I NOT get anyone to answer questions I can't even get past State and City to scedule an I.D. Appointment! The web site given was useless!!! WHERE can I get a person to talk to and get an I.D. CARD PLEASE!!!

354332997:10 PM 9/6/2016

Do we even get a reply here Or just the same complaints from everyone on deaf ears! I'd appreciate a response

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