Legal Services/JAG

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Tel: (573) 596-0624 (Administration)
Tel: (573) 596-0629 (Legal Assistance)
316 Missouri Avenue
Building #315
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473-0000
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Fort Leonard Wood
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290746305:17 PM 2/18/2013

Could a JAG officer please call me when it's convenient. I have a question about putting my property into my daughter's name to avoid problems if I get put in a home or pass away. I want to make sure it isn't tied up in court or other tax problems if we can avoid them. I'm a military dependent ex-spouse and have an ID card etc. Please call me at (573) 369-2714. Late in the afternoon will be great. I won't keep you long. Thank you. Margaret Ash, 120 Rodden Church Rd, Brumley, MO 65017. Last 4 digits are 7738.

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