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ID Card/DEERS Enrollment
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Tel: (803) 751-7731
Fax: (803) 751-6554
Tel (DSN): (312) 734-7731
Fax (DSN): (312) 734-6554
5450 Strom Thurmond Boulevard
Room 109
Fort Jackson, SC 29207-0000
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Fort Jackson
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154743286:26 PM 9/11/14

I missed my appointment today due to a number of small things. The man signing people in treated me in a way that reminded me of a passive aggressive kindergarten teacher I once had. Instead of simply stating that I had missed my appointment and that there were no openings, he proceeded to look at the clock and figure the time between my appointment and the time I entered the line. And then state that someone else couldn’t be bumped. The condescending demeaning tone was uncalled for. Being 10 minutes late does not indicate I do not know how to tell time, nor does it indicate I expect to inconvenient others. And it does not justify speaking to me as if I were a small unruly child. I continued to my appointment hoping but not expecting that there may be some opening that I could be worked into.

Shellyo20143:55 PM 9/30/14

I had the same experience last September. I didn't know about "making an appointment". The same man was furious with me. It was several days before my ID would expire, I didn't know about the new policy. He was very angry, but I said I'd wait to see if there was an opening. Luckily one of the ladies who works there worked me in. (The mean man must have gone on break.)

Shellyo20144:33 PM 9/30/14

I just tried to find out how I can schedule an appointment to have my ID updated. I can't understand the man whose voice is giving the instructions, and the system won't let you hear the information again. It just says this mailbox isn't taking messages. Then, instead of letting you make another choice, or repeat the information, the system says, "This mailbox is not accepting messages. Goodbye" and hangs up! You have to make another call - starting from scratch, and, you have to listen to all the choices again. All I wanted was the web address so I could schedule the appointment on-line, but the message is so garbled I can't understand what it is saying. I had my hearing checked on July , 09, 2014 and my hearing was excellent. This office is so "user UNfriendly" that I am going to explore the options retirees have for filing a formal complaint against the supervisor of this office.

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