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Tel: (254) 532-7200
4250 Clear Creek Blvd
Ft Hood, TX 76544-0000
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Fort Hood
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vander1773:11 AM 7/15/14

This email is addressed to a mrs. Wolfe in reference to 1st Cav Div boot spurs for those that servin Vietnam with the Cav div. Ralph a. DeLorme, retired SFC. Email. I interested on how or has to be done get a set of these spurs. I live in vandergrift pa.

kjell7472:48 PM 11/17/14

can you please e-mail me on how to get 1st Cav boot spurs from the PX in FORT HOOD.or another store who carries them check other web sites only show ones but not the ones in gold color of I was with the 5th and 7th can in Vietnam in 66 to 67

283972666:54 PM 2/23/16

I have been trying to get to the Post Exchange web site, not working , I get a 404 Error. This one of the hardest site to log on to. I hope it will be fixed some day soon!

359862382:50 AM 3/6/17

you are no help

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