Veterinary Treatment Facility

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Tel: (757) 764-5678
504 North Roma Rd
Hampton, VA 23665-0000
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Langley Air Force Base
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206220422:11 PM 9/11/12

I call the Vet office over and over and all I ever get is a busy sound on the phone. I was at the office in the past and I see you take the phone off the hook. This has to stop. You are a service. Its not just answer phones when you want .

202636559:58 PM 1/2/13

I agree. You are a business. This includes answering the phone. If you are that busy then you need to consider hiring a part-time person to answer phones or re evaluate management. The phone should be answered within 3 rings. I would like to see this service stay, but if the poor management keeps up the the "powers that be" might discontinue it.-- Just sayin-

DEMO1LADY11:54 PM 3/11/13

I am just trying to get the new location where you have moved to. Is it the address on this web page?

173651127:24 PM 6/3/13

Why do you not answer the phones? I need to make an appointment and it is difficult to go there just to make an appointment during your business hours because I need to go to work. Why do you make this so painful. I am guessing you don't need my business.

350926574:26 PM 5/12/16

They do not answer their phone. I have called at least 75 times in the last 3 days and it just goes to an automated message that eventually hangs up on you. I work 8-4 monday-friday so in order to make an appointment I am going to have to take time off work to go and make the appointment and then take time off of work again to actually keep the appointment. I don't know how they have any business if they cannot manage to answer their phones.

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