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ID/CAC Card Processing Center
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Tel: (757) 878-0948
Fax: (757) 878-0942
Tel (DSN): (312) 826-0948 (for use from Military DSN phones only)
Fax (DSN): (312) 826-0942 (for use from Military DSN phones only)
Monroe Ave
Building #650
Newport News, VA 23604-0000
Not Provided
Fort Eustis
Not Provided
Not Provided
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Leachml442:21 PM 5/13/14

The phone number is 757-878-0948

robertorodriguez6:12 PM 6/2/14

My wife went to get her ID card renewed and she was attended by an older gentleman who was very unproffesional and rude.I served my country for 24 years and served in Afghanisyan and Iraq. All we wanted is a new ID card or someone who can in a professional manner guide us througth the process. Bad, bad costumer service. It is sad.

84933628:29 PM 10/23/14

The link above ( appears to be disabled. I was told by the Eustis gate guard that my wife and I need to get new ID cards, even though they are fairly new. When I called the ID card section to make an appointment, I was told that I needed to do that on line. I was told I had to do it through the DEERS website. That is apparently erroneous, as nothing there seems to work. So tomorrow, I will try again to get a live person who can answer some questions, honestly.

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