Retiree Services Office

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Tel: (910) 396-5304
Normandy Drive
Building #4-2843
Fort Bragg, NC 28310-0000
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Fort Bragg
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360568965:06 AM 4/10/17

Hi, I am trying to find a long time friend, Michael Cary who served at Fort Bragg, NC and I think he left in 1966. His address: 313 ASA Br. (Co. A). I lost contact with him in 1965 and I think he left Ft. Bragg in 1966. I have searched everywhere I know to search and cannot find him. I did not know where he was from. I met him in Raleigh, NC while he was serving at Ft. Bragg. We dated for a while and it was serious. He came back for me in 1966, but I was married already. I was not sure what he was going to do so I did not wait for him. I regret this very much. Now, I would like to get in contact with him and say "hello", and to see how he is doing. We both are getting old and I would like to know if he is still alive. Thanks so much. If he would like to contact me he can email me at He will know me as Carolyn Dickerson. This was the only place that I could find a place to leave a comment. I do not think that Vet.Friends has him on their list of members. I will give him my phone number if you contact him for me. Thanks much.

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