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Tel: (910) 396-8747
Reilly St.
Building #4-2171
Fort Bragg, NC 28310-0000
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Fort Bragg
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eugene26:28 PM 3/26/13

After setting up an account, I never found a link to make an appointment to renew my spouse's ID card. I tried calling to make an appointment and was told there was a long wait and was disconnected. This web page useless without directions to access the appointment page.

1571538212:54 PM 6/5/13

Use: Follow the prompts, it makes appointment to most US Army ID Card facilities.

dameisenbach1:28 PM 8/20/13

i need to make an appointment, why is your web page so complecated? you have enough staff just sitting around to update and make the web page user friendlyd. please spend a little time to upgrage.

311757371:55 AM 8/27/13

i need my military id card it got burn up years ago why cant i get it on line i have my dd214 send email why mr. graham

141756547:04 PM 10/9/13

Does anyone EVER answer the phone? regardless of what time I call, I have never been able to get a live human on the phone! great customer service!

353597326:39 PM 8/12/16

Wow I see how old these posts are and I am amazed (laying on the sarcasm) that nothing has changed. No one answers the phone. The website is a broken link. The personnel in the ID card section act like they are doing YOU a favor, they add to and take away from the standard of required ID (two forms, 1 picture and a SSN Card, no wait 2 picture IDs your DD 214, retirement orders, and your first born) Come on.

356633011:58 PM 11/15/16

I am a Civilian mother who has a child of a recently retired soldier & I have reached out to this number everyday all day for the past two weeks since relocating back to North Carolina from Indiana and I was informed that you have to make an appointment in order to get a Military ID card for a dependent child. My son has to see 4 Specialist yet I have been unsuccessful getting anyone to answer the listed contact number. I find this to be very unprofessional, and I will start with WTVD Channel 11 news until I can find out who I need to contact and receive a response from in regards to getting what I need for my child to be seen. The number listed is a bogus number that is for the facility yet no one ever answers.

94098511:51 PM 1/3/17

So true, unprofessional, needed personnel that has work ethic! The office phones are off the hook and when you do reach someone they behave as if they are bothered!

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