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Fort Bragg Tax Center
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Tel: (910) 396-8299
Tel: (910) 396-1040
Soldiers Support Center
Normandy Street
Building #4-2843, 6th Floor
Fayetteville, NC
Weekdays, 9:00am - 9:00pm; Saturday, 9:am - 5:00pm
Fort Bragg
Not Provided
Not Provided
With the units on Pope Field now being tenants on Fort Bragg, the Fort Bragg Tax Center will be open to Pope Field servicemembers this year. The center is available to assist active duty and reserve military, family members, and retirees with personal tax needs. Reservists can take advantage of the tax center if on orders for 29 days or more. The center provides free tax preparation, electronic filing, and tax form distribution for federal and all state tax returns. Clients will be seen on a walk-in basis only--no appointments will be made. Significant waiting times are expected for the first few weeks of the season and approaching the April 17, 2012 filing deadline. The center will be open until midnight on April 16 and April 17.
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292029753:03 PM 2/28/13

Fort Bragg Tax Center is taking appointments this year. Highly recommended.

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